Shrimp Tale: The Second Trimester


Week 13

Baby is the size of a satsuma

Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery

Thursday, 20 April 2017

It was third time lucky with our dating scan. Today Shrimpy was cooperating nicely and we got all of the measurements completed. Our due date is now finally confirmed as being 26th October, so today marks exactly 13 weeks pregnant.

13 Week Dating Scan13 Week Dating ScanBaby is the size of a satsuma.

Friday, 21 April 2017

Here is a picture of my 13 week old bump. It feels like it is just starting to show now. I finally broke the news of my pregnancy to the guys at running club tonight. They were all very excited. Jackie couldn't believe I had done the 20k run with her while pregnant! We did a nice gentle run, which I lead, through the Blackwater Valley tonight. It was very pleasant, and because I was leading it was all at my pace.

Week 13Week 13By week 13 a tiny hint of a bump is starting to show.



Week 14

Baby is the size of a lemon

Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Here's Shrimpy at Week 14. Not a huge amount of change since last week! I had a call today with my HR department at work to start the ball rolling on maternity entitlements and to find out what I need to know. I'll need a follow-up call with someone more senior to get a lot of my questions answered. Alan and I recently discovered that Alan's work will allow him to take up to 18 weeks off at full pay, which is amazing. The caveat is that that time must be taken within the first 18 weeks of the child being born. So we are looking into doing a shared parental leave scenario where we would both be off work for 4 months at the start, and then I would take the remaining time by myself. It means that Shrimpy will need to go into childcare sooner than we had originally planned, but having that time together at the start will be really good I am sure.

Week 14Week 14Week 14 bump.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

I am going to Canada! I'm visiting PRA's office in Victoria, where a lot of the Site Intelligence team are based. My boss, Kerrie, and the other Director in our group, Robbin, are also going to be there. We have a week of meetings planned with the Victoria staff to talk through development plans for the coming year. Heather, one of the SISD managers in the VIC office, will be taking over my line management responsibilities when I go on maternity leave, and Mark, our developer, will be instrumental in helping me get my data dashboard project off the ground. So I have a busy work schedule ahead of me, but am also hoping for some time to do some sightseeing as well. I will have all day tomorrow to myself to explore, assuming I can cope with the jet lag!

Here are the links to my blog post and photo gallery from Victoria.

Week 15

Baby is the size of a peach

Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Trip to the doctors today. This morning I woke up feeling extremely dizzy, shaky and feverish, and immediately had to run to the toilet. I had to sit in the bathroom for about 20 minutes before I started feeling any better, while waves of nausea and dizziness passed over me. To say it was scary is an understatement! Once I could move again, I called 111 and talked through my symptoms. Their advice was to go to A&E (no doubt because my pregnancy threw up a red flag). Before embarking on that trip though I decided to get a second opinion from the midwives, and called the community team for advice. They suggested that it was likely just a delayed reaction to my return from Canada, but advised that I try to get an emergency doctor's appointment just to get checked out. I was able to see a doctor before 11am, by which time I was still feeling a little light-headed and delicate, but quite a lot better. The doctor listened in for baby's heartbeat, after warning me that it might be too early to hear anything. But she found it! That was lovely to hear! Unfortunately there is nothing she can prescribe for me other than rest and plenty of water, so I am back home again and taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Week 16

Baby is the size of an avocado

Bump in the parkBump in the park Bump in the parkBump in the park Bump in the parkBump in the park

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Day trip to London with Mum today. We went to see the afternoon showing of 42nd Street. Wow! It was amazing! The dancing, the costumes and the acoustics in the theatre were first class. Mum and I had a stroll through the West End before and after the show. It was nice to be able to show off my little bump to her for the first time in person.

Monday, 15 May 2017

I had my 16-week midwife appointment today. That's only the 2nd time I have seen a midwife in person so far, the first being at the booking appointment. The appointments are held down at the GP surgery, so it's pretty handy to get to. Silly me, however, forgot to take my blue notes with me. I thought that the midwife might not be able to see me without my notes, but she was very accommodating! All is well with the baby and with me.

Week 19

Baby is the size of a mango

Bump in the parkBump in the park Bump in the parkBump in the park Bump in the parkBump in the park

Monday, 5 June 2017

The house renovations are in full swing! We have had the builders in today to start stripping back the nursery and rewiring our bedroom. Alan and I have moved out to the spare room while all of this work is going on. Our plan is to have the nursery taken back to bare walls and ceiling, then replastered and rewired. There is currently only one electrical socket in the whole room, so that needs to change. We are also having new skirting boards, architrave and door, and a new radiator. In the master bedroom we are having some more rewiring done (so that we have have sockets either side of the bed and be able to fit in a new wardrobe), as well as new architrave and door. Alan and I will repaint both rooms and we'll get arrange for new carpet for the nursery. Exciting times ahead!

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

We had our 20-week anomaly scan today, and we found out... it's a boy!! The sonographer said there was no doubt about that. Finally, we can start saying 'he' rather than 'he or she', and I guess this means we can start thinking of names. Everything looked good on the scan. Head and abdominal circumferences are right in the middle of the scale; femur length is slightly on the short end (little legs, like his mum). His estimated weight is 10 ounces, or 282g.

20 Week Anomaly Scan20 Week Anomaly ScanIt's a boy!

Week 21

Baby is the size of a carrot

Bump in FarnhamBump in Farnham Bump in FarnhamBump in Farnham Bump in FarnhamBump in Farnham

Sunday, 18 June 2017

We have spent the hottest weekend of the year so far inside the house and painting walls and ceilings. Phew! There were temperatures of close to 30ºC outside, but apart from a quick trip into town for a sandwich, we didn't see any of it. But our dedication has paid off and the two rooms are starting to take shape.

Nursery DecorationNursery DecorationThe paint goes on the walls in the new nursery. Nursery DecorationNursery DecorationPainting the ceiling in the new nursery. Master Bedroom RedecorationMaster Bedroom RedecorationWe spent the hottest weekend of the year so far painting our bedroom.

Week 22

Baby is the size of a papaya

Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery

Saturday, 24 June 2017

We are off to Tenerife for a baby moon! We had booked this week off work ages ago, with the expectation that Alan's parents were going to come and visit and stay with us. But as the time got nearer, Alan and I realised that we would both really like a break away, and we suggested to Irene and Martin about meeting somewhere abroad. They agreed and we have ended up booking a week on the south coast of Tenerife. It's a good job too really, as the house renovations are still not completed, and Alan and I are still sleeping in the spare room. We are doing this holiday on a bit of a shoestring, with accommodation courtesy of Irene and Martin's timeshare points, and flights courtesy of Avios points! Weather looks set to be good for the whole week.

Here are the links to my gallery of photographs from Tenerife.

Week 23

Baby is the size of a large mango

Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge Bump in the loungeBump in the lounge

Sunday, 2 July 2017

We arrived back from Tenerife late last night, and today we got up bright and early for he Farnham Charity Bike Ride. Goodness knows what we are thinking of when we planned this! We had a bit of a shaky start: I lost footing at the top of the park on the way to the start line and came off my bike. I forced myself to land on my left side rather than on my front and so came away with a pretty badly scraped knee and elbow. Then Alan had gear issues further down the path through the park, still on the way to the start line, and he jolted his tailbone. Still, we battled on and completed the ride, and it was all very pleasant and enjoyable after that. Thankfully, Shrimpy has given me a few kicks this evening so I don't think the fall has hurt him at all. It was from such a slow speed and such a minor fall, and yet my left knee is pretty banged up!

Farnham Chrity Bike RideFarnham Chrity Bike RideFor the 3rd year in a row, Matt, Alan and I crossed the finish line of the charity bike ride to collect our medals. I was very proud to achieve this at 23 weeks pregnant!

Week 27

Baby is the size of a cucumber

Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway Bump in the doorwayBump in the doorway

SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSunday, 30 July 2017

Gillian came to visit this weekend and did a fantastic 'bump shoot' for us, which included several changes of clothes and locations. We had a great catch-up on Saturday, and since the weather wasn't great we decided to wait until today to do the actual shoot. It was fun to do and will give us lots of memories of this time waiting for Shrimpy to arrive.

Here is a link to all of the bump shoot photos.

Bump in the parkBump in the park

Monday, 31 July 2017

The master bedroom is finished! The nursery decoration is also finished but has no furniture in at the moment. That should be being delivered in around 6 weeks.

Master BedroomMaster BedroomThe finished room.

Week 28

Baby is the size of an aubergine

Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery Bump in the nurseryBump in the nursery

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

We attended our first NCT class tonight, up at the Hale Bungalow, just a 2 minute drive from home. There are 8 expectant couples in our class and we all have due dates in October or November. The class tonight focussed mostly on labour. I think we have a few classes planned to talk about labour and delivery and then we move on to after the birth and first few days at home. The rest of the class seem very nice, although I haven't learned everyone's names yet. The course leader is called Lindsay and she has been running NCT classes for many years.